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Our Curriculum is based on traditional Japanese Jujutsu styles that are centuries old. The techniques are practical, effective, and applicable in everyday life. Budo is not just for to the Dojo, it is lived daily.

Ken Ryu Jujutsu participants train in small groups and receive individualized instruction. They perform tasks and participate within a reasonable scope so that they are challenged within safe and healthy limits.

Students sometimes practice a martial art with the intention of fighting and, while Ken Ryu Jujutsu is complete in hand-to-hand combat, you should practice Martial Art as Budo to learn more about yourself.

After adopting a Martial Art, do everything possible to succeed. With dedicated practice, a reasonable person can achieve a Black Belt in Ken Ryu Jujutsu after 1000 hours. A journey of a thousand miles…

  • Program Facilitator: Sensei Ken Brake (Sandan - 3rd degree), Nationally Certified Coach (NCCP, Level II)
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