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The Abbotsford School District is dedicated to connecting students and families with valuable community events, programs, services, and opportunities. Through the collaborative efforts of our Communications Department and Community Partnerships, we have developed an online database to share accurate and timely information with our community.

Our platform is a comprehensive resource for local events and activities that enrich and enhance student learning, support student well-being, and offer engaging experiences for children, youth, and families. From sports and arts to tutoring, education events, and after-school programming, we curate a wide range of opportunities catering to our community's diverse interests and needs.

We update our website monthly with new listings and promote these opportunities on all district social media accounts. A quarterly bulletin is also emailed to all school district families, ensuring that our community stays informed about the latest offerings.

Our mission is to foster a connected and vibrant community that supports the growth and development of our students outside the classroom. 

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